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Running an independent retail business is complex. Retail Council of Canada is making it easier.

Everyday we fight unapologetically for the concerns of thousands of independent retailers. Of the many things we hear from our members, we are regularly told that finding the time and resources to create professional looking advertising and promotional creative is a challenge. We’ve therefore created a wide range of customizable graphic templates to help independent retailers more easily market and promote their businesses.

Use these images to create year-round marketing materials to support your store.

We’ve designed lots of templates for you to use as small space ads, postcards or social media images. You can choose from “ready to print” options or you can choose to use the background images and put your own message into these templates. We’ve also provided some pre-written thank you messages if you’d like to use this creative to thank your customers for shopping with you.

Simply click on a retail holiday on the left and get started!